Daprota M2 documentation

M2 is a Daprota data modeling service for the creation and management of data models for MongoDB. It is based on Tara Modeling Ontology (TMO) that supports creation of data models for NoSQL (document and graph) and relational databases..

You can check out the Data Modeling Adviser for MongoDB that covers:

  • MongoDB data modeling basics;
  • Key considerations with data modeling for MongoDB;
  • Key properties of MongoDB data model types (embedded, referenced, hybrid);
  • Data design optimization patterns for these model types.

You can also browse public and Daprota models without signing in..

However if you want to create your own models you will have to register first in order to start using M2 service..

When you are done with the model creation you can automatically generate Java code for the model.

You can use the links below to learn more about model operations and code generation supported by M2.


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